Ivy Academia  = Moving Forward, Safely

Our Ivy Academia plans and decisions for school reopening rely on the latest public health guidance.  As we prepare for the 2020/2021 school year, health and safety is our top priority.  We have decided that all teaching and learning for every Ivy student will take place online until it is safe to return to school in-person.  

We are starting the year online. We made this decision prior to LAUSD based on input from health officials, and from informed opinions and surveys of our staff, students and families. 

Our Ivy Roadmap to Reopening: 

Ivy Academia teachers will deliver our world class standards-based education and incorporate 21st Century entrepreneurial skills for success in college, career, and beyond. 

Ivy student on laptop

What Ivy Offers

We have heard from our current Ivy Academia families as well as newly enrolling families that last spring’s distance learning approach didn’t meet all student needs. We have revamped and created a comprehensive and purposeful curriculum for our online learners. We will open the school year online using:

  • A  well-developed, comprehensive distance learning model
  • High rigor, including a full day of learning 

Why Choose Ivy’s Online Approach 

Ivy is known for our strong  foundation of academics + entrepreneurial programming. Our tech-savvy teachers are prepared to teach engaging lessons in an online environment. We have extensive training in online teaching strategies and technology platforms. 

Our Ivy instructors can personalize instruction online to meet the needs and learning styles of each student -- ensuring each student has a positive learning experience. 

  • Our teachers are already very familiar with online applications like Canvas, Google Classroom, and all of our publisher online materials are seamless for students. Unlike many schools, our publisher online materials have a synchronous version (enabling live teaching to many students at once) just like students expect from “book-in-hand” materials. 

  • Last spring and all of summer 2020 our ELA, ELD and Math teachers have had the opportunity to partake in state-of-the art online teaching training. All Ivy teachers have been studying the best practices in teaching and learning with high engagement - providing  consistency in the school days and ensuring kids know how they are going to learn every day.

  • Ivy offers 1:1 device + internet access as needed (hot spots and local internet access)
student on laptop

Ivy’s engaging framework includes: 

  • Daily attendance
  • Formative and informative assessments driving instructional needs
  • "Real" traditional grades - with flexibility in due dates and scheduling to accommodate families 
  • Live lessons daily 
  • Online library and other resources
  • Top of the line curriculum - straight from CDE strategies for distance learning for engaging English Language Learners and all students in writing, math, etc.

Ivy is thinking about: 

  • ELA and ELD (English Language Development / English learners) materials: We selected our curriculum partner in part because of their comprehensive online programming. ELD is interwoven in a way that allows our teachers to do both in one classroom. 
  • Kindergarten — our Kinder teachers are superb at online Kinder programming! Students do some school work with parents, some with teachers and some alone. 

Ivy’s #1 Consideration = Safety

Join us for our best path forward for the 2020/2021 school year. When it is safe to return to in-person school - we will. Our brand new innovative campus in Woodland Hills is ready to welcome our students and staff --  with enhanced safety measures. 

It is the mission of Ivy Academia, a TK-12 tuition-free public charter school,  to help each child reach his/her fullest potential.  We cultivate an active village of students, parents, and community members to provide an individual, personal, and conceptual learning environment that enables each student to succeed in life. Create and innovate with Ivy Academia! Enroll now!