Our Ivy Teachers: Ready to Enable 21st Century Career Prep

Ivy Academia Entrepreneurial Charter School offers a TK-12 education with an entrepreneurial focus. As a tuition-free public school, Ivy Academia provides a world class standards-based education. We pair each student with a challenging and rigorous curriculum that is rich in academic depth, complexity and choice.
Our highly-qualified and well-trained teachers individualize educational programs for every student. Our teachers collaborate as grade level teams to meet student needs in standards-based academics, career readiness, and interpersonal skills.
Skills such as problem solving, innovation, creativity, and global literacy have become critical in today’s increasingly fast-paced workforce and society. At Ivy Academia our students learn in a rigorous academic setting that incorporates 21st Century entrepreneurial skills. Our students are prepared for success in college, career, and beyond.
Ivy Academia students in 11th grade enter in the NFTE Business Pitch Competition. This national competition is exciting and competitive! Last year, seven Ivy students made it to regionals and one of our students made it to the top three!
The competition is focused around business plans. Each student writes and presents their plan to a panel of judges. In their business proposals, each Ivy student must think about the problem and solution. They create a budget, marketing materials and competitive analyses.
NFTE offers valuable coaching and feedback to our students as well as providing timely and experienced guest speakers who share their stories. It’s a magnetic experience for all involved!

How Ivy Academia is Adapting for Online Learning

Our brand new innovative campus in Woodland Hills is ready to welcome our students and staff -- with enhanced safety measures. Until then, here are the ways we are ensuring successful 21st century career prep, strong standards-based academics and entrepreneurial learning -- online and tuition-free:
Our savvy teachers are already very familiar with online applications like Canvas, Google Classroom, and all of our publisher online materials are seamless for students. Unlike many schools, our publisher online materials have a synchronous version (enabling live teaching to many students at once) just like students expect from “book-in-hand” materials.
Our Ivy instructors can personalize instruction online to meet the needs and learning styles of each student -- ensuring each student has a positive learning experience.
Our ELA, ELD and Math teachers were recently trained in a state-of-the art online teaching program. All Ivy teachers have been studying the best practices for instructing and learning with high engagement. They are eager to provide consistency in the school days and ensure kids know how they are going to learn every day.
We will open the school year online using:
  • A well-developed, comprehensive distance learning model
  • High rigor, including a full day of learning
Join us for the best online learning path for the 2020/2021 school year. When it is safe to return to in-person school - we will! Come create and innovate with us!

It is the mission of Ivy Academia, a TK-12 tuition-free public charter school, to help each child reach his/her fullest potential. We cultivate an active village of students, parents, and community members to provide an individual, personal, and conceptual learning environment that enables each student to succeed in life. Create and innovate with Ivy Academia! Enroll now!