We Got This! Addressing Learning Loss and More

Since the universal March 2020 disruption to in-person learning, our Ivy Academia team has diligently strived to maintain student connectedness with school. However, the social isolation at home and ongoing lack of in-person interactions are ultimately very hard for Ivy students and families. So what do we do? How can we change and influence this for the better, going forward?
Ivy students
We curated stakeholder input via surveys. We sent a survey to our parents in early June and again in late July to gather high-level wishes for their child’s learning environment. We sought parent/guardian input on a Distance Learning model that fit the needs of students and their families. These surveys told us what our Ivy families and students want most:
  • more live interaction with their teachers
  • a schedule similar to the traditional bell schedule with clear start and stop times
  • academic support directly from teachers and paraprofessionals for students
So we made that happen, And more. At Ivy Academia, we are monitoring and assessing student learning constantly. We are engaging with A-G course completion rates, student achievement on benchmark assessments, CAASPP Interim Assessments, and EL reclassification rates. What this all means is we are tracking every student to be able to learn and thrive, even when online. And when they aren’t -- we intervene to help. Our interventions for learning loss include:
  • double blocking of ELA/Math for secondary students for the second semester and before school/after school tutoring.
  • elementary students have a daily period for intervention for students in need.
  • professional time is set aside to review, assess, and plan, using data available from student assessments
Learning loss is a challenge for every school right now. Every school and district is adapting to try and manage the slide and turn loss into growth. At Ivy -- we continually analyze student growth -- specifically if students are growing from fall to spring -- in ELA and Math. We will keep this going to identify additional instructional supports for students during the summer of 2021, too. This is unique to Ivy. We are committed to rebuilding any learning loss for our students.

Here is how we are addressing learning loss right now:

Ivy Academia provides high-quality, standards-based instruction in our learning environments. Our teachers have high academic and behavioral expectations.
K-8 Students: In order to address learning loss for students in grades Kindergarten through eighth grade, Ivy teachers work in grade level/department teams to create a plan for students using our multi-tiered system of support. Ivy Academia will use the three-tier model of Response to Intervention (“RTI”) for students that are struggling to meet standards.
At Tier 1, school-wide prevention efforts are established to promote learning for all students, anticipating that most students will respond to these strategies and will not require additional intervention.
At Tier 2, strategic intervention is established for students who are identified as being at risk of experiencing problems. For example, when school-wide screening reveals that some students are at risk of developing reading problems, supplemental reading support, and/or tutoring would be provided and encouraged.
During Tier 2 -- we look at each student as a whole. We create intervention strategies, goals and a timeline for improvement. If the goals have not been reached during the set timeline, then the student is referred to a more in-depth Student Study Team (“SST”).

At Tier 3, we see students who continue to be at-risk. More intensive and possibly individual intervention is provided. Some students may be referred for evaluation and qualification for Special Education services.
Ivy staff
High School Students: High school students who have experienced learning loss will participate in a credit recovery program. Credit recovery allows students to catch up on deficient credits due to courses they have previously failed.

Credit recovery courses are available through various programs via our counseling department. High School students will receive the same multi-tiered system of support as K-8 students with the Response To Intervention (RTI) tiers and receive the additional support they individually need.

We Got This!

In the meantime, as this school year gets underway -- our counseling department is available to support students virtually. Ivy students can request services and our staff members refer students of concern. Our counselors support students as well as connect families with community resources, many of which are posted on our school website.

At Ivy Academia we are creating and innovating in all sorts of new ways. We are doing everything we can to meet and exceed state education requirements, address learning loss and support the social, emotional and mental health of our students and families during this time of distance learning.

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