Meet A New Teacher: Miguel Calderon TK/Kindergarten, Ivy Academia

“I like to see how one blurred shape becomes a letter, then a word, then a sentence and so on. I also like the challenges teaching TK/K brings to me, as every year is different. No two years are alike.”
I love to teach Kindergarten. I get a front row seat to experience the academic growth and development from 0 to knowledge. My students express themselves and decide how we run our everyday class. This also helps me learn more about them and helps me make any changes or arrangements to meet both our needs and wants.
Miguel Calderon - Ivy Academia
I try to keep learning alive every day in my classroom -- online or off -- by asking my students how they feel about learning and also have them make choices about when they feel they need a break during class. When a break is needed, we take a "movement" break, especially in between assignments and with transitions. This really helps; the kids get to move and their joy in moving is evident.
From Show and Tell to Fun Friday, to making academic connections every day with our daily lives at home and out of home, we get very creative in our classroom. My favorite thing about my class time with the students is writing. I like to see how students get creative with their ideas and make amazing pictures which connect to their everyday life.
For Kindergarten, progress is measured in daily informal observations and with the students' response to the daily academic questions. We are observant and innovative with checking for understanding in this unique school environment.
As for me, I joined Ivy Academia because it sounded like a very interesting school. In my decade of academic experience, I have engaged with most grade levels to see the outcomes and expectations for every different level. I have also put on many "hats" to see the educational progress through different roles and programs. I like to learn and grow as an educator and would love to implement a dual language program when Ivy Academia is ready. I believe learning a second language is the foundation for a stronger academic future.
About Ivy Academia

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