Small & Nimble

In this ongoing distance learning environment, parents are growing increasingly frustrated, stressed and challenged. As parents are working -- and also working hard to support their students -- they’re also seeing with their own eyes who their student is and what their school is. Parents have a front row seat, a new lens -- from which to evaluate how their student(s) learn, is or is not engaging and what the online learning relationship with the school is -- first hand.

And what are parents seeing? Feeling? Thinking? Here’s what we are hearing and seeing. Large districts aren’t showing up well and all too often, students are slipping through the cracks. Districts that surround Ivy Academia are big. They can't pivot easily--they're giant battleships that need a whole lot of time and space to make even a simple change or enhancement.
Ivy HS Kids
Ivy Academia is small and nimble. We adapt -- and fast. Our families, staff and students are a small and stable community who work together as a family. Our students are never lost in the shuffle and we can adapt fast to meet every student’s needs.

Since COVID 19 hit the educational landscape last spring -- we have adapted and learned how to make our online learning offerings even more robust for our TK-12 public charter school students. Our commitment to high rigor and academic excellence includes a full day of learning, even when online. This school year we have hit the ground running with our well-developed, comprehensive distance learning model.
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At Ivy Academia, we are known for our strong foundation of academics and entrepreneurial programming. Our tech-savvy teachers are prepared to teach engaging lessons in an online environment. We have extensive training in online teaching strategies and technology platforms.
Our Ivy instructors can personalize instruction online to meet the needs and learning styles of each student -- ensuring each student has a positive learning experience.
  • Our teachers readily embrace and teach via online applications like Canvas and Google Classroom. Our publisher online materials are seamless for students. But unlike many schools, our publisher online materials have a synchronous version which enables live teaching to many students at once. This mirrors “book-in-hand” materials and even experiences for our students.
  • Our ELA, ELD and Math teachers took state-of-the art online education training starting last spring and continuing over the summer. All of our Ivy faculty studied the best practices in teaching and learning -- with high engagement. We create consistency in each Ivy school day and ensure kids know how they are going to learn every day, even in an online learning environment.
About Ivy Academia

It is the mission of Ivy Academia, a TK-12 tuition-free public charter school, to help each child reach his/her fullest potential. We cultivate an active village of students, parents, and community members to provide an individual, personal, and conceptual learning environment that enables each student to succeed in life. Create and innovate with Ivy Academia! Enroll now!