Agents of Change: Cultural and College-Directed Learners

Ivy Academia students are agents of change. Through our innovative curriculum and exceptional electives our students become confident leaders who excel in high school, college, and beyond.
Our electives -- like world languages and access to our advanced placement classes -- prepare our students for the 21st century by accelerating the lenses of cultural and college-directed learners. Here are our goals for cultural and college-directed students at Ivy:
Ivy Academia students are college-directed learners who:
  1. Think critically and analytically across the
  2. Meet A-G requirements and are prepared for college
  3. Understand college requirements and the application process
  4. Recognize career field choices and educational pathways
Ivy Academia students are cultural learners who are:
  1. Aware of cultural difference, unique group histories and diverse perspectives
  2. Exposed to world languages and able to understand the dynamics of language and culture
  3. Able to communicate with sensitivity within and across diverse communities
  4. Proficient in the ability to apply critical and complex ideas within the classroom and outside of school
Ivy Academia offers world language courses to readily meet the goals outlined above. Cultural leaders are even more vital today in our global landscape and we focus on world languages as a stepping stone to active communication. This means we provide our students with abundant literacy skills including grammar, culture, reading comprehension, composition, and conversation.
Ivy High School
Our world language courses celebrate and enjoy authentic texts from diverse genres, including literary works of art, recordings, films, newspapers, and magazines. Our courses are aligned with the five Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century and our Ivy Academia students develop a deep appreciation for other cultures.

Ivy is also proud to offer our students Advanced Placement classes. This opportunity begins in 10th grade with courses offered in History, English, Math, Science, and Spanish. Our AP courses offer students at -- or above -- grade level to challenge themselves with a rigor equivalent to college courses. And thanks to our small classes and individualized learning approach, every student is met where they are in their academic journey.
Ivy High School
Entrepreneurialism is embedded throughout our courses -- including in our world language courses. Our students in Spanish III, for example, create a resume using appropriate vocabulary and write letters of reference for each other using strong Spanish vocabulary.

By the time our Ivy Academia students are graduates, they will be ready to positively impact their local communities and our global economy. Join our thriving TK-12 school today!
About Ivy Academia

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