We See You and We Care!

What an extraordinary time we are living in. After all these months together -- virtually -- we are versed in our TK - 12 scholastic rhythms and we continue to build and expand on that momentum. Engagement is at an all time high -- with every member of our valued community.
All of our Ivy students have what they need for online learning like hot spots and devices. As a TK-12 school, that almost feels like the easy part. It’s the rest of the educational journey, day after day, during a pandemic that is more intricate, balanced and nuanced -- for all of us.
Ivy kids
Our smaller school allows us to truly reach out and engage with our students. To know their families, too. Our teachers are working extra hard to connect in every sense of the word. To provide continuity of care for our students and to be the first face of social emotional support. Our educators are doing even more now -- not less -- in this online environment. We must deliver our lessons and teach our children via screen. That requires us to rely on and utilize more animated faces, to bring more energy and to carry our classes throughout our time together -- with that same level of energy and engagement.

Even when remote, we’re taking care of our families and helping to shoulder some of the confusion and uncertainty from these strained economic times. Many of our families work in the hospitality industry which has been hit so very hard. We also assist our families with their worries about loved ones who are ill or how to prevent infection in their own households. Our commitment to family engagement is at an all time high.
Ivy students
As a smaller school, we are grateful to be so nimble and able to reach out to our Ivy families and stakeholders so heartily. We added 30 more hours of counseling assistance so that we can support our families in need. We employ two bilingual counselors and we created a resources page where county assistance and parent supports can be found anytime. Our Ivy Academia community knows if they need help with housing to dial 211.
We feel so fortunate to do the work we do each school day with our Ivy Academia students, families and community. Our stakeholders continue to be top of mind as we evaluate and enhance all the ways we can support each other through this crisis. And we are hearing and receiving wonderful feedback, too. Our Ivy parents are letting us know they’ve gotten valued support from the school -- and that our added efforts this fall are truly making a difference.
At Ivy we believe supporting the social emotional needs of our entire TK-12 school community is of utmost importance. And in our current health crisis -- it is more critical than ever. We want everyone in our Ivy family to know and feel that they are seen, supported and will be helped; if ever they need us. We see you! We care!
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