Follow the Leader! Ivy’s Commitment to Students and Families during Distance Learning

From day one of distance learning, Ivy leadership has hit the ground running. We committed to keeping our students’ online education equal in quality and rigor to their in-person learning environment. We adopted all state suggestions and guidelines from day one.
Our parents wanted a traditional bell schedule and maximum teacher time which we ensured was put into place. We are continually refining and expanding online learning opportunities for increased student engagement.
Our engaging curriculum and expansion of online teaching platforms helps to make each student's experience better. Our leadership model of continuous improvement ensures all students benefit from refinements and proven enhancements to the student learning experience.
Ivy Academia teacher and student in class

Ivy leadership prides itself on being proactive rather than reactive to any and all circumstances affecting our students and families. In early January, executive leadership began studying patterns and potential impacts of the burgeoning pandemic which at that time was mostly overseas. We began planning for, at that time, a possible pandemic coming to our community. We began working with staff on lesson plan design in distant learning environments as we anticipated the likely suspension of on-ground teaching and learning.
As our State Superintendent, Tony Thurmond advised early on: we ensure our students' social-emotional needs are our priority during these challenging times of the pandemic. Ivy added additional counselors as we watched the impact of the pandemic unfold for our students and families. Ivy leadership continually monitors legislation and health department briefings to ensure we are operating in the safest of circumstances. For example the meal distribution is convenient and socially distanced as families can pick up meals conveniently from their vehicle at our site.
At Ivy, we also deeply care about the needs of our staff. Our teachers know we look out for them, and care about their safety and comfort, as well. Staff are kept informed as to the status of our program by means of our Board adopted and state mandated Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan. As legislation and corresponding regulations are announced, Ivy Leadership moves quickly to incorporate those changes and suggestions. We take care of our Ivy TK-12 teachers, so they can take care of our Ivy kids.
Ivy Academia students at blood drive
We are proactively planning for reopening while simultaneously continuing to enhance and refine our Distance Learning Program.
At Ivy, we are working hard, making improvements, following experts, and seeking even more health and safety data as we also deliver more engaging, more interesting, and ultimately better curriculum. We support our Ivy families as a whole with more counseling, in more languages. We provide individual student assessments of the highest level. Every Ivy student gets. Our high-rigor comprehensive diagnostic and summative assessments show where each child is performing against state standards. We are leaders in online learning for TK-12. Join us!

About Ivy Academia
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