New Site Update

New Site update: Preconstruction work continued within the classrooms as well as outside.  Old trees are being removed and replaced with new healthy greenery.  Un-even pavement is being removed and the new pavement will be put down in its place.  Although Ivy is still waiting for the CUP to be approved it is with great anticipation and joy that we can share that pre-construction in multiple areas has begun.  Ceilings have been opened up inside the classrooms to inspect and install new wiring, as well as the inspection and updating of the heating and air conditioning (HAC) systems.   Dr. Murphy has resumed tours and those interested should watch for e-blasts, e-mails, or Ivy Facebook posts.  Student volunteers are chomping at the bit to get to the new campus as are the teachers and everyone from the greater Ivy family.  Please be patient, we will all get there, but let’s make sure the new campus is ready to receive us.  Thanks for reading and enjoy the new pictures, compliments of Susie who remains as part of the old guard from Pinecrest.