Uniform and Dress Code

Dress Code and Uniform Policy


Ivy is a uniform school.  If financial concerns preclude the purchase of uniforms, please discuss with administration so that arrangements can be made to assist with this tradition.  


Each student is a representative of Ivy Academia in the eyes of the public. Each student must report to school properly groomed and wearing appropriate clothing. Students are expected to dress neatly in a manner consistent with the activities for the day (i.e. Formal Friday, Physical Education, etc.). Students TK-12 wear Formal Attire every Friday (Formal Friday) and on Special Events. Students who report to school inappropriately dressed may be asked to have acceptable attire brought to them or to change into a spare uniform in the office and will be subject to disciplinary action. 


Uniform clothes may be found at any department store including but not limited to Target, Wal-Mart, Sears, JC Penny’s, Children’s Place, Dennis, or online. Clothing should not look provocative. No bare midriffs, no ripped or shredded clothing and undergarments must not be visible. Clothing should have no suggestive or vulgar messages, and no messages or references to tobacco, drugs, alcohol or anything not school appropriate printed on them. 

Only Ivy Academia branded hats may be worn on campus. All hats are to be removed upon entering school buildings. Head coverings, including hats of any kind, except those worn for religious or safety reasons, are not to be worn inside school buildings including assemblies, classrooms, labs and offices. 


TK-11 Daily Wear: Required: White, navy, grey, light blue or burgundy polo shirt, long or short sleeved. Bottoms: choice of style navy, khaki, grey or black. Closed toe shoes with heels under 2”.


Formal and Event Wear: Tucked in white or blue oxford style dress shirt, long or short sleeved · TK-5 Navy tie, 6-12, any tie, navy or black professional bottoms (no jeans, cargo, jeggings, leggings or skinny pants on Formal days) · Black or brown  closed toes and heels not to exceed 2 inches in height, black or brown belt preferred, but not required 


Used Uniforms: Used uniforms in good condition may be donated to other students or dropped off at the main office and may be requested from the site office manager at any time. IPLG holds used uniform sales on campus intermittently throughout the school year. These dates are advertised by Site Administration in advance. 


Senior (12th Grade) Dress Code: Seniors may follow the uniform dress code as outlined below. As an entrepreneurial school, we encourage our Seniors to begin to build a professional wardrobe in anticipation of college and job tours, interviews and meetings. Business casual attire is expected Monday thru Thursday and dress business attire is expected on Fridays. Students who have a question about any article of clothing are encouraged to clear it through the office prior to wearing it. 


Spaghetti strap tops, tank tops or muscle shirts are not permitted, vests must have a shirt underneath and tops must fall below the waist or be tucked in. Collared shirts are preferred but dress shirts with modest necklines are required. 

Dresses or skirts may be worn above the knee, but not as high as mid-thigh length. Pants may be loose, but not baggy. Leggings may be worn under a tunic style shirt whose hem falls around mid-thigh. Shorts and skorts must be at least mid-thigh length. 


On Friday’, students are expected to be in dressed up professional attire. Dress shoes are required on Friday’s. Shoes must have a heel height not exceeding 2 inches. Sandals and open toed shoes must have a strap and flip-flops are not allowed for safety reasons 


Outer Wear: On rainy days or during the months of January and February when temperatures can reach below 40 degrees, students may wear jackets of any color or school appropriate pattern (no alcohol, cigarette, drug or sexual references or imagery). All outerwear (sweatshirts, sweaters, vests, blazers, etc.) must be navy blue, grey or black with no graphic printing and minimal logos. Ivy Academia spirit outerwear in any color is acceptable. 


Puma Pride Day (Weekly on Wednesday): Any Puma Pride shirt/sweatshirt (sold throughout the year intermittently). Ivy uniform bottoms must be worn with Puma Pride tops. Denim jeans are only permitted by Site Administration on specified Spirit or Field days. 


P.E. Clothes (Students TK-12): Student dress for PE in grades TK-5 is optional and students may wear their PE uniforms for the duration of the day on their assigned PE days. 6-12 Grade students will be allowed and required to wear PE clothes during their PE Period. Students MUST dress out in an approved PE uniform for every PE Period, and MUST dress in to an approved Ivy uniform after their PE Period. 


  •        P.E. Shirt:Grey PE shirt with Ivy logo 
  •        P.E. Shorts:Navy mini mesh shorts with Ivy logo or navy sweatpants with or without Ivy logo 
  •        P.E. Non-marking sole, lace-up or Velcro tennis shoes with closed toes and heels