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Physical Education

Physical Education (PE) is required for all students. Grades 7-12 Students are required to wear PE uniforms and dress out daily for PE. Grades TK-5 Students are to wear their regular School Uniform. Students are tested to ensure they meet basic Physical Fitness Requirements. Students involved in outside competitive athletics may be granted a waiver under certain conditions. A waiver form must be submitted and approved prior to the start of the year.

A student may be excused on a year to year basis from physical education classes by the principal based on the two criteria listed below. Please note if a student is exempt, Ivy Academia may require that the student participates as a scorekeeper or a team manager, usually at the high school level.
· Health/Medical: The student must provide a written statement from a licensed medical doctor or osteopath, who indicates the physical education activities that would be detrimental to the health of said student. The doctor’s statement must be renewed annually if the condition persists.
· Any Athletic/Training Program for State, National, or Professional Ranking or Olympic Competition: The student who trains for 15 or more hours per week is eligible to miss one school period, provided the period is at the end of the school day. The student must not miss any class other than a scheduled physical education class. Documentation must be submitted to verify training for some type of ranking.
Physical Education: High School Credits
Each student at Ivy Academia High School is required to successfully complete 20 credits of Physical Education in grade 9-12 by the state of California. Students may pass four semesters in a PE class or students may participate in 4 seasons of team sports.
California requires 60 hours of a class for 5 credits. A typical high school season of sport is usually 12 weeks long. That equates, generally, to 5 days of practice per week, 2 hours a day which equals 120 hours. That is more than enough, but we grant only 5 credits per sport. In this way, a student participates in 4 sports over his/her high school career. It may be one sport a year, or any combination totaling 4. Many students realize the benefits of participation on several athletic teams and Ivy Academia strongly encourages it.
A student who has a health problem, and is under a doctor’s care, is exempt, may still earn credits in a team sport by serving as a scorekeeper or team manager. A student waiver must be filled out and approved.
Students who are involved in other types of competitive team sports outside of school, in a sport we do not offer such as swimming or tennis, may apply for a waiver. Once we verify the structure and hours of their program, we may grant credit. However, if the sport is recognized by the CIF, the student will be required to represent Ivy during that season. Applications for waivers may be obtained from the Athletic Director and the front office.
Grades and credits are issued each semester based on attendance, attitude and effort. Students will be required to purchase their own personal equipment. If a student is unable to afford the personal equipment, he/she should see the principal.