High School Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

A student who graduates from Ivy High School must earn a minimum of 220 credits, including credits for certain required courses. All courses for credit must be passed with a grade of C or better.

In order to graduate from Ivy Academia Entrepreneurial Charter School, your child must:

  1. Complete required core and elective coursework with a 60% D or better. Note that core and elective coursework required for a diploma from Ivy Academia exceed state, LAUSD and UC-CSU A-G requirements, and include a career pathway of two years of business courses.
  2. A student who graduates from Ivy Academia must earn a minimum of 220 credits, including credits for certain required courses.
  3. Meet non-course requirements:
    1. 60 Community Service Hours (volunteer work) need to be completed and signed off by the end of the third quarter of the student's senior year. This can be done, 15 hours per year.

AB 104 - Retention and Grade Change

We know that the pandemic has presented challenges for many students. Ivy Academia has set many interventions in place for the 21-22 school year in order to bridge learning gaps. Some of these options include 1:1 tutoring, intervention courses, summer school and additional counseling. Please contact our main office for information about these offerings.

Assembly Bill 104 offers additional options to families to advocate for the academic success of their child(ren). The bill provides options for:

  • Changes in letter grades to pass/no pass for students who took high school coursework or high school prerequisite coursework in the 20-21 school year;
  • Grade level retention request (Dependent on consultation with the retention request committee.);
  • Exemption from certain graduation requirements or an additional year of high school for students in grades 11 or 12 for the 20-21 and 21-22 school years.

The form for pass/no pass requests is available on the Ivy Academia website through this link or may be requested from the main office by calling 818.716.0771. You will submit the completed form to Mr. Kuhny, TK-12 Principal, by appointment at the main office or emailing it to [email protected] Families have until September 22nd to submit the grade change request to pass/no pass. Once received, families will receive notification of the grade change within 15 days of receipt of the request.

If you believe that retaking a grade level is applicable to your student, please submit a written request to Mr. Kuhny, TK-12 Principal, by appointment at the main office or email to [email protected] The review process will then be initiated and a consultation will be scheduled with the retention request committee comprised of parent/guardian(s), student, administrator(s), counselor and the corresponding grade level teacher. The consultation meeting will be scheduled within 30 days of receiving the request and a decision will be provided in writing within 10 days of the consultation.

If your student was a junior this past school year and you believe they may be eligible for exemption from certain graduation requirements, please submit a written request to Ms. Embry, Counselor, via email at [email protected] or by appointment through the main office. The review process will then be initiated and an academic counseling session will be scheduled with the student and parent/guardian(s).

At Ivy Academia, we want to work collaboratively to ensure we are doing what is best for every individual student and their learning. If you would like any additional information about any of the above, please contact our main office or email [email protected].


For the 2020–21 through 2023–24 school year, the following postsecondary institutions that will accept, for admission purposes, a transcript with a Pass or No Pass grade instead of a letter grade for an applicant pursuant to Education Code Section 49066.5(b).


High School A-G Course Requirements

Ivy Academia will strive to ensure that all students meet the University of California's A-G requirements and the National College Athletic Association (NCAA) requirements by the time they graduate, so that our students will be prepared should they want to attend a UC or CSU campus or play sports for a Division I or Division II school.

In accordance with the A-Gs, high school level math and foreign language, taken in middle school may be counted toward pre-requisites for high school provided the student continues taking upper-level math and continues their specific foreign language study while in high school. These instances must have prior approval from the Counselor.

Students in grades 9-12 follow applicable California standards. Ivy Academia maintains the following graduation requirements that are in accordance with University of California A-G requirements and for WASC accreditation.


UC/CSU eligibility


Ivy Academia Graduation


Social Science

2 years

30 units (3 years)


4 years

40 units (4 years)


3 years, 4 recommended

30 units (3 years, 4 recommended)

Laboratory Science

2 years, 3 recommended

20 units (2 years, 3 recommended)

Foreign Language

2 years, 3 recommended

20 units (2 years, 3 recommended)

Visual/Performing Arts

1 year

10 units (1 year)



20 units (2 years)

Physical Education


20 units (8 semesters)



5 units (1 semester)

College Prep Elective

1 year

25 units (5 semesters)


Students need a minimum of 220 credits to graduate. Ivy Academia’s standard course sequence is as follows.


Academia Pathway


English 9

Math (Alg, Geometry or Alg. 2)


Freshman Seminar/Health

Foreign Language



English 10

Math (Geometry, Alg. 2, Pre-Calculus)

Biology or Chemistry

World History

Spanish 2



English 11

Math Alg. 2, Pre-Calculus

U.S. History

Chemistry or Physics

Business 1



English 12


Business 2

Visual/Performing Arts

Elective (Math and/or Science Recommended)


The elective courses will follow the UC requirements accordingly. Additional advanced courses (not lower division or introductory) from the required taken in social science, mathematics, laboratory science, foreign language, and visual and performing arts may count as the elective course in order to meet UC/CSU eligibility.

High School Diploma Requirements

220 credits

(4 years English, 3+ years Math, 1 semester Health, 3 years Social Science, 2+ years Lab Science, 2+ years Foreign Language, 2 years Business, 1 year Visual and Performing Arts, 2 years P.E. plus 5 semesters of college prep electives)

4 semesters of P.E. (2 years)

(Each team at Ivy counts for one semester. Students can also sign up for a P.E. class at Pierce College or take fitness for their elective from junior year on)

Service-Learning Project

(60 hours of volunteer work needs to be completed, and signed off, by end of the student's senior year. A signed service log due end of 3rd Quarter.)



The credit given to any course represents the quantity of work required. Most courses earn five credits per semester. The student may not earn partial credit.

Student Assignment to Grade Level

There are several recent laws and policies pertaining to Promotion and Retention (AB 1626, AB 1639, and SB 1370, Board of Education policy 5130 and administrative regulations). At the high school level the promotion or retention from one grade level to the next is based on the number of credits earned. The criteria for grade placement is as follows:

Grade Level Credits

Grade 9 Less than 50 credits

Grade 10 50 or more credits

Grade 11 100 or more credits

Grade 12 160 or more credits

Determination is based on the number of credits a student has earned as of August 15th of each year. If a student has not earned enough credits to be promoted to the next grade level, the student and parents will be notified of the classification by letter at the beginning of the school year. Students may be reclassified at each grade level. Classification of a student is an indication that graduation from high school is in jeopardy and may require completion of additional coursework outside of the school day.


The form below is used to track students progress toward a diploma at Ivy Academia. This form is completed during mentorship in the fall and spring each year. Students who are not making satisfactory progress toward a diploma may be required to meet more regularly or given additional achievement tracking measures such as a weekly progress report.