Andrew Schultz » Distant Learning - P.E.

Distant Learning - P.E.

This week we are focusing on exercise and movement. 

Warm-Ups (5 minutes)

Zumba – World Cup Warm-Up

Fitness Blender 5 minute Total Body Cardio Warm-Up

Body Percussion Warm-Up

Activities (20 Minutes) 

Ultimate 20 minute full body workout for kids Activity

Xbox Fitness with Russel Wilson Activity

34 minutes of Kids BOP Dance Along Videos (you can stop at 20 minutes) Activity

Cool Down (5 minutes)

5 minute Guided Meditation for beginners Cool Down

Post Workout Cool Down Stretching Routine Cool Down

Zumba Cooldown Perfect by Ed Sheeran Cool Down

Questions: (5 minutes)

  1. Which warm-up, activity and cool down did you choose today?

  2. What parts of the three did you enjoy the most?

  3. Please list a few things that you learned.

  4. How did you feel at the end of the session?

  5. Did you enjoy your session? Why or Why not?