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Language Arts
Students will be using a language arts program called Benchmark Universe. Benchmark  Universe is a comprehensive, preschool through fifth grade program for teaching reading, writing, listening, and speaking while also building students’ vocabulary and knowledge across essential domains in literature, global and American history, and the sciences. 
In math, students will be using a curriculum called My Math. Built around Common Core State Standards of Mathematics (CCSSM) and the Standards for Mathematical Practices, McGraw-Hill My Math engages students with the Focus, Coherence and Rigor required by CCSSM. 
McGraw-Hill My Math challenges your students while inspiring them to embrace math through meaningful real-world applications. The three components of rigor— conceptual understanding, procedural skill and fluency, and application, —are woven with equal intensity throughout the program to meet CCSSM standards, enabling your students to steadily grow their math ability and confidence.
Social Studies
Through Benchmark Universe students explore different aspects of California history.


Through Benchmark Universe students explore different aspects of science.
Ivy Community
Teachers use the Entrepreneurial Standards in building appropriate objectives in all subjects. Through learning activities students will have more challenging educational experiences. This will help enable them to discover and create entrepreneurial opportunities and the expertise to eventually start and manage their own business. Students will create businesses and open them to other students to shop on Fridays in the afternoon.