Ivy 2020-2021 Class Information

Dear Parents and Students,

An enthusiastic welcome to the 2020-2021 school year.  I want to let you know that I am looking forward to an exciting, rewarding, and academically fulfilling year. 

A few informational pieces I need to share with you:

First day of school: Wednesday, August 12th.  Students will have a regularly scheduled day Monday through Friday, attendance is compulsory (mandatory) as per state guidelines in all classes, and letter grades will be issued accordingly.

Goals: Students will gain an understanding of mathematical reasoning, number sense, measurement, and etc. Students will develop an appreciation of mathematical concepts that relate to daily life. Students should also be able to use the problem-solving techniques and strategies used for math in daily life and routines to help with homework or personal life.

Expectations: I may call on you to offer your ideas on a topic. I am NOT picking on you. I like to hear from everyone. You should not regard it as a performance test. In my experience, students who do not volunteer their thoughts often have much to offer the class. I also believe that I can only be an effective teacher if I know what you are thinking and where you are struggling with the material or argument. I welcome your thoughts regardless of whether they are the perfectly constructed answer to the questions because they help me focus the class discussion in a way that will be most helpful to learning.

Calling: School main number 818.716.0771 option 2 or option 3 for Spanish.

Emailing: Use the "Send Email" button under my photo on the right column on my teacher site.

Absent Procedures: Daily zoom sessions will be recorded and uploaded on Canvas where students could access them anytime. Students will be given 2 days upon return to submit missing work.

Weekly Schedules: Weekly updates and Schedules will be emailed every Friday. Also posted on-site and Canvas. This will include office hours.

Assignments: All assignments will be posted in Canvas along with the daily zoom recorded sessions.

Tech help: Call 818.716.0771 x1010 or email support@iatk12.org