Admissions Process


23-24 School Year Enrollment Important Dates

22-23 Application of Interest Closes: 2/24/23

22-23 Public Lottery: 3/1/23

Enrollment Process


Step One: Application of Interest/Intent to Enroll

In order to apply to Ivy Academia, a prospective family must apply using the Application of Interest/Intent to Enroll form. Applications of Interest enable the prospective student(s) to be placed directly onto our acceptance list or on our waiting list. 


Step Two:  Public Lottery* (if necessary in Spring of the prior school year)

Following open enrollment which concludes on the last Friday of February, applications shall be counted to determine whether any grade level has received more applications than availability. In the event that this happens, the Charter School will hold a public random lottery to determine enrollment for the impacted grade level(s), with the exception of existing students of Ivy Academia, who are guaranteed enrollment in the following school year.


In the event that the number of applications of interest exceeds capacity at any grade level, the random, public random lottery will be held on a date and location that is published throughout the District and surrounding area.


The Public Random Lottery is held annually on the first Wednesday of March on Zoom and in the Conference Room.  You need NOT be present for admission. 


Step Three: Contact from Ivy Academia

Within 2 business days you will be notified if your child is accepted or waitlisted via email. 


Step Four: Admissions

When your child has been offered enrollment at Ivy Academia through the Lottery or Waitlist Process, you will be notified via email with next steps to complete your child's enrollment paperwork. 


The following materials are necessary to complete the admissions process:

  • Medical form (will be given to you for your physician to complete)
  • Permanent health card
  • Birth certificate or passport 
  • Immunization record 
  • Court paperwork (if applicable) 
  • Most recent State Testing results 
  • Report card(s) and/or transcripts (transcripts required for grades 9-11)
  • GATE (advanced learning) if applicable 
  • IEP or 504 (special education) if applicable 
  • ELL (English Language Learner) if applicable 
  • Emergency Card
  • Media Release 
  • Handbook Agreement


All admission materials must be submitted within two weeks of receipt. Your admissions materials will be reviewed by our Admissions department for completeness and you will be notified with further instructions and information.


If you have any questions, please at contact our Registrar at (818) 716-0771 option 4.