Seasoned Pro: Kindergarten Teacher Ms. Burns

Seasoned Pro: Kindergarten Teacher Ms. Burns

Laughing, singing, dancing, and learning together every day? Who is having soooo much fun at Ivy Academia? Ms. Burn’s kindergarten class that’s who! At our tuition-free Woodland Hills TK-8 school, our kindergarteners get a warm welcome, supportive guidance, and a special place in our academic family from this engaged teacher.

Please tell us about your background and how you came to be at Ivy Academia.

I have been a credentialed elementary classroom teacher for 34 years. I have taught every grade, preschool to eighth grade, in both Northern and Southern California. After taking some time away from the classroom, I returned to teaching at Ivy Academia in a fifth grade classroom last year. This year I transitioned to Kindergarten which I love!

What do you love about Ivy Academia?

The entrepreneurial focus and the small class sizes attracted me to Ivy Academia. I enjoy teaching in a school with a sense of family.

What's the best part about your role as a kindergarten teacher?

The best part about teaching Kindergarten is watching the enormous growth that occurs in the students throughout the year. Students begin the school year unfamiliar with how classrooms work or how to be a student. By June, they are seasoned pros at school, as well as reading, writing and math facts!

Are you involved in other activities at Ivy Academia? 

I mentor a new teacher on our staff. My students participate in the Ivy Community Entrepreneurial Program. This year our TK and Kindergarten classes combined to make rainbow art paintings and rainbow bead bracelets. After our first sales day, we decided to expand our offerings by having a make-your-own station in the classroom. We also made necklaces and rings, in addition to bracelets, as the year continued. The students acted as the sales people and cashiers during our sales days. They also made products to sell throughout the month. (Note: You can see these little creative entrepreneurs here.)

There are great Social Emotional Learning (SEL) activities at Ivy Academia- when have you seen this in action?

One of the first SEL skills I teach my students is conflict resolution. It is exciting to watch them put into action the steps to take when they have a conflict with another student and take care of the matter independently. They learn to take turns stating what the problem is, giving ideas for how to solve it, agree on a solution and put the solution into action.

In your opinion, what makes a great leader? 

A great leader is one who has good communication skills. I teach children to listen carefully and respond respectfully and calmly. This helps children learn self-confidence. A great leader also gives others the opportunity to participate in successful ways and praises the work that is done.

When you’re not at Ivy Academia, what do you do for fun?

In my free time, I enjoy getting together with friends and family. We go on hikes or try out new restaurants. I also enjoy gardening and shopping. My family includes my two sons, Garrett, who is 25 and Connor, who is 23. I also have a 15 year old cat, Shadow, and a 15 year old dog, Embyr. 

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