Transitional Kindergarten is a Great Start

Transitional Kindergarten is a Great Start at Ivy Academia

Did you know that in California, kindergarten has the wiggles? Yes, the littlest learners definitely have some wiggles but what we mean is wiggle room for eligibility to attend transitional kindergarten (TK). For the 2023-24 school year, if your child turns five after the kindergarten cut-off date of September 1, they are still eligible for TK if they turn five before April 2, 2024. At Ivy Academia, a TK-8 school located in Woodland Hills, California, we are so excited to invite these tiny scholars into our academic home.

A Great Start to School…For Free

At tuition-free TK-8 Ivy Academia, we pride ourselves on the high-quality education we offer. We love the opportunity to teach TK as the benefits and rewards of getting a head start have been linked with higher academic achievement. According to a study by the American Institutes for Research (AIR), children who go to TK “enter kindergarten with stronger mathematics and literacy skills and are more engaged in their learning than students who did not attend transitional kindergarten.”


What exactly is transitional kindergarten or “TK”? TK, as defined by the California Department of Education, is “the first year of a two-year kindergarten program that uses a modified kindergarten curriculum that is age and developmentally appropriate.” Think of it as a “bridge” between pre-k and kindergarten. While not required by the state of California, it is highly encouraged, as students get access to school early, for free! TK is taught by a credentialed teacher as it is part of the K-12 public school system.  

Ivy Academia TK Teacher, Ms. Brattoli, Shares Her Day

Speaking of credentialed teachers, we asked Victoria Brattori, Ivy Academia TK and kindergarten teacher, what happens in her cozy and creative TK classroom, and, of course, why she loves teaching: 


“I have always loved working with children because I find communicating and interacting with them gives me joy and allows me to let them feel heard, respected, and loved.


Our TK curriculum involves working on tasks like recognizing our letter sounds and formation, recognizing and being able to write our numbers up to 20, being able to count to 100, learning how to read high frequency words and CVC words, and beginning to put letters together to write words. 


My learning centers include things like counting bears, math puzzles, math organization activities, engineering with Legos, Magnetic tiles, and our STEAM magnetic wall. We also have a library the students can visit, and a sensory box area that changes its theme based on seasons and holidays. 


Additionally, we work on social emotional skills throughout the year which includes the words we can use to communicate likes and dislikes to others, being able to tell others our personal boundaries, being able to use our words effectively instead of our bodies to get our point across, and recognizing our emotions so we can use strategies to calm ourselves and think about solutions to problems. 


Sometimes big emotions can change our daily schedule- learning about so many new things can be overwhelming. Sometimes we just need to take a break and build on our peer/teacher relationships with play, communication, and art. This is a good thing!


Even in TK, we participate in the Ivy Community entrepreneurship program. This year our "store" is an art store: we create and sell rainbow bracelets, necklaces, and painted art.


Our core values in transitional kindergarten are to be kind, respectful, and have open communication with one another so that we can succeed in a positive learning environment.”

 Ivy Academia transitional kindergarten teacher Ms. Brattoli smiles for the camera in a red shirt with red ribbons in her hair.

Join Ms. Brattoli and give your child a head start at TK-8 Ivy Academia, enrolling now!

About Ivy Academia

Ivy Academia is a tuition-free public charter elementary & middle school serving transitional kindergarten through eighth graders in Woodland Hills, California. At Ivy Academia, we empower our students to realize their fullest potential through meaningful and innovative educational opportunities. We use a cross-curricular approach, focusing on an entrepreneurial mindset. We believe in a high-quality, customized education, setting high expectations and offering robust academic support. Our small, TK-8 program partners with families and the surrounding community in preparing students to become dynamic leaders in the 21st century. Join our growing school, enroll today!