Rich in Enrichments

Rich in Enrichments at Ivy Academia

Ivy Academia is a small tuition-free TK-8 public school that provides a high-quality education with strong academics. Equally important to us though, is building tomorrow’s leaders through innovative and supportive programs.

Small School, Rich in Enrichments

As a TK-8 free public charter school, Ivy Academia has the flexibility to incorporate enrichments right into our curriculum. Quite simply, enrichments keep students engaged. They provide learning opportunities beyond the basic understanding of a concept. Enrichments provide hands-on real life experiences like our cross-curricular entrepreneurship program, Ivy Community.


In Ivy Community, elementary students at our small and engaged school learns entrepreneurship skills. These skills teach critical thinking along with practical applications like paying bills, money management, and even some Scratch coding. Teaching happens in the everyday classroom and in specific classes through our Ivy University.


 We also build service learning and community partnerships into our entrepreneurship program and host the “E-Convention” where we celebrate all we have accomplished during the year. 

Social Enrichment

Sometimes, our small engaged charter school’s enrichments aren’t academic but social…or even a little of both. Take our CHAMPS program and Character Strong for example. CHAMPS provides consistency: it outlines our expectations and sets students up for success as a result. Our Character Strong program focuses on social emotional learning where students learn positive character development skills.


 Students can also join fun clubs during the day at Ivy Academia. Makerspace, Arts Media Entertainment, and Be a Friend give students an opportunity to connect over like-minded interests. Learn something new and even make new friends. 

After School Enrichments

At Ivy Academia, we keep our supportive care going after school with fun activities and programs. Students can play sports through the Foundation for Interscholastic Youth Athletics (FIYA). Right now we offer these sports for middle schoolers but elementary programs are coming soon:

  • Volleyball
  • Flag Football
  • Basketball
  • E-Sports Rocket League
  • Soccer

Another after-school option is the free West Valley YMCA program right here on our lovely campus. There is also a Boys and Girls Club that provides transportation from the school to their location in Canoga Park if that is a better fit for your family.


 Enrichments put the “world class” in our school’s Vision of providing a world class standards-based education. Join our Ivy Academia Puma family and enroll today!


About Ivy Academia

Ivy Academia is a tuition-free public charter elementary & middle school serving transitional kindergarten through eighth graders in Woodland Hills, California. At Ivy Academia, we empower our students to realize their fullest potential through meaningful and innovative educational opportunities. We use a cross-curricular approach, focusing on an entrepreneurial mindset. We believe in a high-quality, customized education, setting high expectations and offering robust academic support. Our small, TK-8 program partners with families and the surrounding community in preparing students to become dynamic leaders in the 21st century. Join our growing school, enroll today!