Welcome Home to Ivy Academia!

Welcome Home to Ivy Academia

Why, hello there! Welcome! We’re so glad you are here. We want to show you around our fabulous campus here at Ivy Academia, a tuition-free TK-8 school in Woodland Hills, California. We’ve been a charter school for 18 years but located our forever school in 2020. 

Let’s Take a Tour!


At our small, tuition-free TK-8 school, our students are greeted by name and a big smile the moment they arrive- we’re happy to see our learners!

Ivy Academia's secure front office is a central hub of information for students, parents, teachers, and staff alike. We’re here for ALL the questions! And speaking of safety, our campus is constantly monitored by an on-site security guard who is always here when there are children present.

 Ivy Academia students walk in a line outside school building with lunch bags following a teacher walking backward.

Class Room For All 

Inside our roomy classrooms, we gather as groups and for customized help as every student deserves to grow into their full potential.

Ivy Academia bulletin board with class work displayed and a social emotional learning exercise asking “have you filled someone’s bucket today?


Around our campus we have reading nooks and a dedicated library to strengthen our reading and research skills. In fact, we have multiple learning centers - including a newly fashioned Makerspace and an Arts & Media space - for additional support and tutoring.

Ivy Academia classroom with students at desks in semi-circles and teacher standing at front with a colorful bulletin board, whiteboard and multi-media screen around her.

Small School, Big Spaces

Moving on to our giant indoor space that we use for school assemblies, performances, sporting events, practices, and even eating lunch. We love coming together!

 Ivy Academia campus with trees and a grassy field on far right, asphalt play area with basketball hoops in center, and picnic tables on far left.


Learning Happens Inside and Out on Our Expansive Campus

Let’s get outside! We have a beautiful expansive campus where we can take our lunches out and enjoy a meal together at picnic tables or out on the grassy lawn. An entire corner of the campus is a park just waiting for students to get their wiggles out. Dance around, spin some cartwheels, play tag or whatever you feel like- we have the space to run wild and free. 

Ivy Academia campus grassy field area with a group of students on the left foreground.

Learning also happens here: tucked into our campus are raised garden beds, part of the Ivy Academia Student’s Garden Center. Students learn about growing plants and then dig in the dirt and start planting! In addition, our littlest learners even have their own dedicated play area, sized just for them.


For more organized outdoor pursuits, we have a basketball court and a paved track set up for relays, time trials, or friendly chats as students walk in the fresh air.

Ivy Academia students run in distinct lanes on paved track.

Ivy Academia tours are available in-person on the second Wednesday of every month, 9am to 9:30am. Call us at 818-716-0771 to reserve a spot or make other arrangements if those dates don’t work for you- we can’t wait to meet you! Join our Ivy Academia Puma family and enroll today!

About Ivy Academia

Ivy Academia is a tuition-free public charter elementary & middle school serving transitional kindergarten through eighth graders in Woodland Hills, California. At Ivy Academia, we empower our students to realize their fullest potential through meaningful and innovative educational opportunities. We use a cross-curricular approach, focusing on an entrepreneurial mindset. We believe in a high-quality, customized education, setting high expectations and offering robust academic support. Our small, TK-8 program partners with families and the surrounding community in preparing students to become dynamic leaders in the 21st century. Join our growing school, enroll today!