About ASF

The activities and affairs of the Foundation are conducted under the direction of the board of directors (the "ASF Board"), which consists of not less than three and not more than seven directors (each, an "ASF Director"). All of the ASF Directors are appointed by the Ivy Academia Board of Directors. Once appointed, ASF Directors remain in office until resignation or removal, which any ASF Director may be removed or be replaced by the Ivy Academia Board of Directors. 

A quorum of the ASF Board for the transaction of business is the greater of a majority of ASF Directors then in office and one-fifth of the authorized ASF Directors. 

Annual and other regular meetings of the ASF Board may be held, without call or notice, at such a place as determined by a resolution of the ASF Board. Special meetings may be called by the Chair, the President, the Secretary or any two ASF Directors with at least four days written notice or with 48-hours' notice delivered in-person or telephonically. 

Officers of the Foundation include a Chair, a President, a Secretary, a Chief Financial Officer (the "Treasurer"), and other such officers as may be determined by the ASF Board, including a Vice-Chair. Any number of offices may be held by the same person, except that no person serving as Secretary or Treasurer may serve concurrently as the Chair, the Vice-Chair, if any, or the President.

Pursuant to its bylaws, the ASF Board has created an Audit Committee and can create standing or special committees that impact the Foundation's operations. All ASF Directors serve on the ASF Board on a voluntary basis and are not compensated for their service.